About Me

I was born in 1992 in Iskenderun.

I went to computer vocational high school in 2007 and i was dreaming always being the software engineer and i was working for my future. Finally, i went to fırat university software engineering in 2011. There was preparing for a year. I went to university for 5 year. I graduated in 2016.

I like animal, nature and sport. My mom have 6 cats 🙂 But i never have a cat because i have a allergy. I have been play basketball since 9 years old. I play piano but i am just beginner calm down 🙂

I very enjoy develop software and i like to do things with my teammates. I am an animal lover, full of energy and joy.

If you have a question about me please send email.

Email: burakscr@gmail.com

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